Music Is My Vehicle

Having a large selection of music is one thing, but knowing what to play and when to play it, is another. Joshua does not have a “wedding playlist” that gets recycled from one wedding to the next; each wedding is its own customized experience shaped by musical selections made exclusively for you and your guests. Joshua happily takes requests from guests, and most importantly, continually monitors the dance floor to ensure it’s packed all night long. His confirmation that he’s doing a great job is that your guests are dancing the night away; the dance floor should never be empty.

Joshua has specific musical selections during arrival, cocktail and dinner hours that set the mood for each segment of the night but also build anticipation for when it’s time to hit the dance floor. He is volume conscious so guests can still enjoy friendly conversation. To make this happen, he uses the sleek BOSE sound system.

Joshua’s job is to create a nostalgic experience with music as his vehicle.

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